Water park waterslide
Water park waterslide
Water park waterslide
Water park waterslide
Water park waterslide
Water park waterslide

Water park waterslide

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  • Dual Water Slide
  • Wide enough for two children to slide at once
  • The sprinkler in the middle keeps the child saturated
  • Blue and green slides include two inflatable speed plates and four ground piles
  • Inflated sides can hold moisture, making you slippery
  • Easy to install-connect to standard garden hose
  • Easy to inflate and deflate (pump sold separately)

Take a long wet ride on our ultra-long Ultimate Dual Water Slide! The double-wide slide (55 ") provides enough space for two children to slide at once and play the final splash game.

Longer than most water slides, our 25-foot slide provides children with a longer cool slide tour in hot weather. There is a sprinkler in the middle, the children have been soaked. With splash pool and side bumper, and with two speed plates.

Easy to set up-after inflation, just connect to the garden hose! The inflatable side can hold water and bring extra slippery fun. Includes two speed plates and four ground piles.


Inflatable toy tips

1 matters needing attention

① When inflating for the first time, please select a high temperature environment within 24 hours after receiving the goods. When the temperature is continuous, the inflatable toy will become hard.

② Inflate the right amount of things, not too full. The maximum inflation volume should not exceed 90% to prevent damage.

③ Do not jump on inflatable products.

④Do not place inflatable products near flames and hot objects.

⑤ Avoid the surface of the inflatable toy being damaged by sharp objects.

⑥When the cold area in winter is below zero, it can be soaked with warm water, washed into the air and wiped dry.

2 Patch notes

After the product is inflated, detect the leak point with a water basin, find the leak point and record the leak location, deflate the gas nozzle with the exhaust pipe, then apply glue on the leak point and expose it for about 30 minutes, then touch the maintenance office. If it is already dry, it can be inflated again. At this point, the repair is complete.

3 Advantages of PVC products

1) The product adopts super strong thermal carbon tough polymer PVC, adopts world-class seam process, streamlined design, strictly in accordance with international standards. The scientific design not only has the appearance of today's toys, but also easier to obtain comfort than ordinary toys. Passed the non-toxic wear resistance and low temperature test.

2) Non-toxic safety: adopt streamlined design without any protrusions to protect children's safety. After the non-toxic safety test of children's toys in the United States and Europe, it fully complies with the most stringent American and European standards.

3) Beautiful and convenient: Inflatable toys are small in size and light in weight. When children go to the park or after playing, they can fold them up and pack them in their backpacks.